The Best Way to Book Hotel Rooms For Guests

Amongst all the billions of things on your wedding to-do list, booking accommodation for guests can seem like the least of your worries. Everyone has different tastes and different budgets. You don’t exactly want Aunty Edna exposed to a wild night at the hotel bar or your young nephew racking up a $3 000 room service tab.

The best rule of thumb is to choose 3 hotels in the nearby area to your wedding, max 30 min away form your venue if possible, and if it's within walking distance your guests will love you even more.

Keeping a small choice of 3 hotels will help minimize guest confusion and it will also help on the discounts. Choose 3 hotels to fit budget and style with at least one being a family friendly option.

When securing accommodation at the hotel, explain to the reservations department that you would like a block booking. A block booking is a reservation of approximately 5-10 or more hotel rooms. The perk of a block booking is the group discount that the hotel will apply to this booking, usually 15-40% lower than a standard room rate. Make sure to get a reference name so people can book under that refernece. 

Even if you don’t know the exact number of rooms to book a rough estimate will do just fine. The hotels are normally fine with this but make sure you ask for a clear copy of their cancellation policies and procedures. You don’t want to be stuck for a bill for a room no one used. Make sure your wedding dates don’t coincide with any big events in the area that are likely to make the hotels hike their rates up.

Don’t forget to remind guests when the cut-off period ends for them to secure that special rate under the booking you made.

Renato Vitolo