Should You Invite Children on Your Big Day?

Sometimes it can be cute to have little ones at the wedding. The innocent looking flower girls and ring bearers gently scattering white rose petals as you walk down the aisle.

But there is also that old Hollywood saying, “Don’t work with animals or children”. Having other peoples children at a wedding can spell disaster. Young toddlers can throw epic tantrums and go into full meltdown. Teenagers can sulk around, with their “too-cool” attitudes.

This all being said, it can leave you in quite a predicament when finalizing your guest list on whether or not to include having children attend your wedding.

Modern manners and correct etiquette can help you make the right decision. If you opt not to have children at the wedding, you may have to prepare for a few declines on your RSVP form as some folks just can’t practically leave children at home.

One way to overcome this hurdle is to hire a baby-sitting service that can help look after children at the venue. Kids normally gravitate towards one another and generally tend to want to be with the babysitter who wants to play games and keep their entertained.

A good idea is to create a separate space at the venue where kids can run around, and parents can keep them in their close confines. If you opt to exclude children from your day, make sure that you communicate this properly on your invitation. A follow up call to explain your reasons such as the reason to why children are not able to attend, is because a sit down formal dinner is being served.  This can also help smooth over any disappointment.  

Renato Vitolo