How To Choose a Wedding Theme

Long gone are the days where it was a crisp white table cloth with a colourful centrepiece. Take a look on Pinterest and you will be overwhelmed with the amount of inspiration and different ideas out there to choose from. Deciding on which style works for you might seem like a huge challenge, but you are not entering yourself into a bridal inspirational wedding theme competition, so where to begin?

Take inspiration from what surrounds you. Look at designs and styles that others have created and put your own twist on them. Inspiration can come from the wall paper at your favorite restaurant, or a scene from a movie you just watched. Once you have something tangible this is where the creative process starts.

Start creating a mood board or a folder where you keep little ideas and splashes of colour you like. Building up a creative collection will help convey your style to wedding planners, florists and designers. You will be surprised than even a good DJ will want to set music to your style.

Having just watched The Great Gatsby for the ninth time, you have decided that this is going to be your theme. If you have a huge budget, go for those towering feather centerpieces. For those on a modest to medium budget, its all in the detail. Take elements from your theme and deconstruct them. Use a Gatsby type font for name places for example.


Subtle hints will also dilute the theme and prevent it from becoming to obvious while still keeping your guests in the spirit of things

Renato Vitolo