A Brief Guide To wedding Etiquette

In the digital modern world we live in, sometimes we forget the little mannerisms that still hold old school traditions and values at the forefront.

Your ceremony may include different generations from Millennial's to Grandparents. Keeping with tradition and etiquette is a respectful way to ensure all your guests feel inclusive.

Here is a brief guide on what may or may not be acceptable;

Registry information on your wedding invitations? Well this is a big faux-pas that want be changing anytime soon. Your invitation is a way of showing people that they mean something to you, and you want them to be there to witness your magical moment. This is not an impromptu moment to ask for gifts. Your wedding website will direct them to where you’re registered.

Don’t invite someone to the Bridal Shower or Bachelor party if they are not invited to the wedding. This goes without saying. There will only be awkward moments and uncomfortable conversations when others ask about travel arrangements and accommodation and you didn’t invite Suzie from accounting. She will be upset! If you are being thrown a surprise shower make sure that you tell whoever is organizing it, that you have final say on who is attending or make it clear that only those attending the wedding can attend the shower.

The singles table is not a dating table. Too often the “singles” all get lumbered together on one table and it can feel like everyone is on a blind date. Don’t do it. Rather seat your single friends as you would any of your other guests, on the basis of whether or not they will get along, or if they know each other.    

Don’t forget to feed the photographer. All those folks working hard to make your day a success, the DJ, the band, the wedding planner, they all need looking after.

Waiting 8 months to send thank you cards is not great. That old myth that you have up to a year to send thank you cards simply is not true. The sooner the better. Keep a list of who you have send thank you cards to. There is nothing worse than getting on with married life and you suddenly bump into your Aunty Barbara who bought you the crystal glasses and a $500 voucher and you have forgotten to send a thank you card.

Renato Vitolo