Kepping Up With The Mr and Mrs Joneses

So, you just got back from a friend’s wedding and they just threw the bash of the century. The 14-piece brass band serenaded the couple as they quaffed Veuve Clicquot, whilst walking through the Country Pile in the Hamptons.

Big gulp as two days ago you just agreed to let your cousin be the DJ and you are still deciding on the sweet or the dry sparkling wine. Ok we should stop you right there. This is about you not them. Some folks have big wedding budgets and some folks, folks, have even bigger budgets.

Fear not, people are just too happy to see you and your partner tying the knot and spending the day celebrating with you. Don’t try and outdo your friend’s wedding. You will end up over budget, over stressed and the whole process becomes painful.

Take a look on Pinterest. There are so many amazing ideas that will help you find that unique and special thing to make your day even more memorable. You don’t need oodles of cash to make a great wedding, you just need love and pinch of magic.

Renato Vitolo