Don't Let Super Dave Ruin The Moment

Oh the pressure of choosing the bridal party you want, and the pressure of not having your fiancés best man, Super Dave, ruining the speeches by blurting out every conquest your better half endured before you.

So, who should really crack the nod and be invited into your inner sanctum on the day? Friends, relatives, or both? Some brides feel obliged or pressured to add people to the bridal party that they may not actually want.

If you have been a member of a bridal party at another wedding, you may feel obliged to return the favour, but this is not always practical. Admittedly, this can be difficult to avoid but remember this day is about you and it will make a big difference having your nearest and dearest closest.

The same courtesy should be extended to your better half. Let him have his moment too and choose his own bridal party. Though a gentle word into a best mans ear pre the wedding speeches may also be encouraged.

Renato Vitolo